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Are you looking for a way to connect with your schools and area youth and their parents? If so, check out the Smart Energy Squad education program offered by MRES! Designed for fifth graders, this program is the perfect opportunity to provide local students with invaluable knowledge for the future, and they will be taught the importance of energy efficiency, sources of electricity and renewable energy in a fun and interactive way.

The Smart Energy Squad is a turnkey program that will offer digital tools, content customization, student kits, and kit production and delivery. In addition, online teacher, parent and student portals are available and will be co-branded with your utility's logo and the MRES logo.

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Program fees:

  • MRES pays for 50% of the program.
  • The cost per student is about $32, which means $16 per student for your utility
  • Students and teachers do not pay for any of the materials and activities.

For more information on the Smart Energy Squad school program, fill out the form below or contact Member Services Representative Jody Peck at 605-338-4042.

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