Early Detection of Problems

Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) helps members and their customers proactively inspect and test equipment to find problems before they cause a power outage or equipment failure.

Regularly scheduled maintenance saves companies countless dollars in emergency repairs and downtime. Learn more about our maintenance program and inspection options.

To learn more, download our MRES Maintenance Program brochure.

Digital Infrared Services

Using the latest in high-definition equipment, our certified thermographer measures and records precise temperature variations inside electrical and mechanical equipment. The digital images identify "hot spots" that are early indicators of problems.

Rapid Imaging

Rapid imaging uses high-speed video-processing techniques to capture tiny vibrations in machinery. The vibrations are graphed, measured to the thousandth of an inch and blown up to a higher resolution. The movement can then be slowed down and shown in a video format, which makes it visible to the naked eye and allows the technician to pinpoint the source of the problem. Rapid imaging can be used on pumps, piping, motors, gearboxes, bases, bolts and other industrial equipment to provide a very cost-effective and accurate means of analysis.

Ultrasonic Inspection Services

Leaks in compressed-air or gas systems, vibrations in motors, and the flow of electricity past insulators all create noise that cannot be heard by the human ear. Ultrasonic "translator" equipment is used to convert the noise and vibrations into sounds that can be heard, pinpointed and measured.

Motor Testing

In today's business environment, motor management and maintenance efforts are key to reducing manufacturing costs, increasing return on investments, and improving reliability. The MRES Motor Testing Program uses motor current analysis to test the windings in electrical motors.

Oil Sampling

The MRES Oil Sampling service will assure members that their transformer oil samples will be taken accurately and on a consistent schedule in order to provide valuable insights on the condition of their equipment and to enhance operational effectiveness.

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