Supplying Diversified Power

MRES has a generation mix that reduces risk, promotes reliability and provides cost-effective service. We work hard every day to find balanced, environmentally sensitive energy solutions that meet our members' growing demand for electricity.

Members receive energy generated from a variety of sources including: hydroelectricity, coal, wind, natural gas, nuclear, solar and fuel oil. Our long-term S-1 power supply members have allocations of federal hydroelectricity and they purchase, on average, about 40% of their power and energy needs from the federal government’s Western Area Power Administration (WAPA). The remaining power comes from coal, wind, nuclear, solar, two peaking facilities, and a small hydroelectric project owned by WMMPA and operated by MRES.

MRES also has municipal capacity contracts with some of its members that it can call upon when needed. These small generating units are owned, operated and maintained by member utilities.

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