Maintaining Distribution Systems

Regular maintenance of the distribution system is crucial to ensure that electric rates remain competitive and reliability remains high. That’s why MRES offers a unique program aimed at preserving the quality of electric distribution system operation and maintenance while keeping costs low.

The MRES Distribution Maintenance Program, launched in 1998, provides member utilities an option to contract with MRES crews to maintain electric distribution lines and other related services. MRES employs a reliable and professional group of technicians who perform the daily line maintenance necessary to enhance reliability and power quality for a distribution system. These technicians also provide project-specific services to municipals in areas such as maintaining local generation facilities, completing special projects, directional boring, line reconductoring, and construction of new lines on an expanding system.

MRES offers three options for municipal electric utilities, which are:

  • Regular System Operations and Maintenance
  • Supplemental Distribution Maintenance Service
  • Special Projects

MRES staff will work with you to determine the best fit for your distribution system operation and maintenance needs. And, with either option, you only pay for the crew when they work on your system.

Distribution Maintenance Brochure

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