Helping Members and Communities

First and foremost, we are energy suppliers. But MRES also provides a wide variety of other energy services that help support our members and associates. From helping find solutions for more efficient energy use to teaching the public about the importance of energy, MRES goes beyond being an energy supplier.

MRES provides scholarships, school programs and public speakers because we care about improving our communities. We also can supply retail rate studies for our members, so they are educated about past and current rates. You're invited to read more about the other services we provide in this section of our website.

MRES wants to be not only a supplier of energy but also a community and member advocate. Energy is an important life necessity we all need to understand and appreciate. We see our mission as helping inform and support others who share our vision of improving and supplying energy for future generations.

For more information on what MRES can do for your organization, email or call 605-338-4042.

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