Bright Energy Solutions

MRES is continually looking for smart investments that will help slow our members' peak load growth, save them money and delay the need to invest in additional generating resources. That's why we're pursuing activities such as energy efficiency incentive programs.

Bright Energy Solutions® (BES) is a unique portfolio of energy efficiency cash-incentive programs that will help residential and business customers reduce their electric energy costs and operate more efficiently. Customers can save energy and save money on a wide variety of equipment from energy efficient lighting, to heating and cooling equipment to compressed air systems.

For more information on the BES program and to apply for rebates, click here.

BES cost-share program

Members that participate in the BES program are encouraged to take advantage of the advertising and event cost-share benefits, where members can be reimbursed up to 50% for eligible expenses. Click the link below for more information:

BES advertising and event cost-share program

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