Electricity is used everywhere— computers, lighting, industrial applications, medical devices, water heaters, TVs—the list is nearly endless. Electricity enhances the quality of life for almost all of us, and yet, we don’t think about electricity until we flip the switch and the light doesn’t turn on. New technologies and the growth of existing ones often have the goal of enhancing the quality of life on our planet.

At Missouri River Energy Services (MRES), we believe in a balanced approach to the complex energy opportunities and to the challenges facing our nation and the environment in which we all work and live. We have a responsibility to provide our members with a diverse, stable energy supply that reduces risk, enhances reliability, and provides cost-effective service. Today, our electric generating portfolio continues to grow in diversity with additions of natural gas, wind, nuclear, solar, and hydro along with increasingly aggressive efforts to promote energy efficiency, beneficial electrification, and reductions in peak demand growth.

Electricity 101: A Basic Guide to the Electric Power Industry