Strategic Planning

Careful strategic planning can help public power utilities address the challenges facing the utility in the future. Some of those challenges are technology and innovation, changing energy mix, increased customer expectations, and an aging workforce.

MRES offers a guided strategic planning program that will help public power managers and governing officials envision a desired future for the utility and translate this vision into strategic priorities with measurable goals.

Strategic Planning Brochure

Team Building Facilitation

Trust and vulnerability is the foundation of a high-performing organization and team. Trust toward other team members is one of the most important aspects when it comes to teamwork. We can get so busy taking care of our communities and utilities that we may not take the opportunity to get to know other team members and build trust with them.

Team building addresses this matter during teamwork activities and improves the trust between the team members. In addition to the benefits above, there can be other enhancements to the team culture. If the team has new members or there has been a change in leadership, the team members will develop a good relationship with others. After a team-building program, a change in the team dynamics can usually be observed.

Team Building Brochure

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