Senate Bill Introductions

SB 17: Makes appropriations for water and environmental purposes and to declare an emergency. Sponsored by the Committee on Appropriations on behalf of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
Status: Referred to Senate Ag and Natural Resources 1/10/23. Referred to Joint Committee on Appropriations and received Do Pass recommendation (7-0) 1/19/23. Passed by Joint Appropriations Committee 2/24/23. Passed Senate (34-0) 2/27/23. Signed by the Governor 3/15/23.

SB 41: Clarifies the $200 million appropriated for housing infrastructure in 2022 and declares an emergency.
Status: Referred to Senate Commerce and Energy 1/10/23. Passed committee (8-1) 1/12/23. Passed by the Senate (29-2) 1/13/23. Referred to House State Affairs 1/13/23. Committee recommends Do Pass (12-1) 1/18/23. Passed House (54-16) 1/23/23. Signed by the governor 2/1/23.

SB 174: A bill prohibiting a city or county from prohibiting fuel choice.
Status: Referred to Local Government committee 1/30/23. Passed (7-0); Placed on Consent Calendar 2/15/23. Referred to House Commerce & Energy Committee 2/22/23. Committee recommended Do Pass as Amended (11-1) 3/1/23. House approved the bill as amended (64-5) 3/6/23. Senate concurred in House amendments 3/7/23. Signed by the governor 3/14/23.

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