House Bill Introductions

HB 1028: A bill to revise the notice and petition requirements for the issuance of a water right permit; adds additional notice/statement requirements.
Status: Introduced 1/9/21; referred to Agriculture and Natural Resources.

HB 1046: A bill relieving businesses or others from liability for an exposure to COVID-19, unless the exposure was intentional.
Status: Introduced 1/9/21; referred 1/13/21 to House State Affairs.

HB 1050: A bill to revise legal publication requirements; it would limit publication fees that could be charged to political subdivisions and would create a statewide website for public notice/publications.
Status: Introduced 1/14/21.

HB 1054: A bill that would require supporters of ballot measures to amend the state constitution pay for and provide full copies of the initiated measures to voters.
Status: Introduced 1/14/21; referred to State Affairs.

HB 1062: A bill to require the sponsor of an initiated amendment to the state Constitution to reimburse the Office of Attorney General for the cost of defending any lawsuit challenging the amendment under certain conditions.
Status: Introduced 1/15/21.

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