2019 House Bill Introductions

HB 1031A bill to give authority to the commissioner of school and public lands to promulgate rules for subsidiary leases for wind and solar easements; rights associated with wind/solar easements on school or public lands.
Status: Pre-filed bill by Commerce and Energy. Committee recommends Do Pass (12-1) 1/14/19. Passed House (56-1) 1/16/19. Referred to Senate Commerce and Energy. Set for hearing 1/22/19. Committee recommends Do Pass as Amended (7-0) 1/22/19.  Passed Senate (34-1) 1/24/19. House concurs in Senate amendments (60-5) 1/28/19. Signed by Governor 2/5/19.

HB 1048: A bill to allow meetings to be closed in order to discuss a political subdivision’s plans regarding emergency management, public safety, mitigation of criminal activity, cyber security, disaster plans, infrastructure records, etc.
Status: Introduced 1/14/19; referred to House State Affairs. Set for hearing 1/23/19. Committee recommends Do Pass (10-0) 1/23/19.  Passed House (66-0) 1/24/19.  Referred to Senate State Affairs. Set for hearing 1/30/19. Committee recommends Do Pass (8-0) 1/30/19. Passed Senate (32-0) 2/5/19. Signed by Governor 2/13/19.

HB 1090: A bill to establish Property Assessed Clean Energy loans.
Status: Introduced 1/25/19; referred to Commerce and Energy. Deferred to the 41st Legislative Day (11-2) 2/11/19. 

HB 1226: A bill to require that wind turbines be 1,500 feet or three times the tower height (whichever is greater) from any surrounding property line; allows adjacent land owners to waive the requirement as long as tower remains two times its height away from the property line with that owner. Also requires each turbine in a wind farm to be installed at least 1.5 miles (or 12 times the height of the tower) from any residence, public building or business.
Status: Introduce 1/30/19; referred to House Commerce and Energy. Set for hearing 2/13/19. Deferred to 41st Legislative Day (10-2) 2/13/19.

HB 1227: A bill reallocating a certain portion of tax revenue collected from electric cooperatives to non-public schools.
Status: Introduced 1/30/19; referred to House Taxation. Set for hearing 2/12/19. Withdrawn at request of Prime Sponsor 2/8/19.

HB 1244: Would require that correspondence, memoranda, calendars, appointment logs, working papers, phone records, and recorded calls of officials and employees of state agencies are publicly accessible through public records laws.  This would not apply to “personal” correspondence, notes, appointments, etc.
Status: Introduced 1/30/19; referred to House State Affairs. Deferred to 41st Legislative Day (10-1) 2/20/19.

HB 1258: A bill setting up a committee to oversee the VW settlement fund proceeds payable to the state; allows for providing grants from the proceeds.
Status: Introduced 1/30/19; referred to Joint Committee on Appropriations 2/7/19. Committee recommends Do Pass (13-0) 2/19/19. Passed House (69-1) 2/21/19.  Referred to Senate; referral to committee waived 2/22/19. HB 1258:  Passed Senate (32-1) 2/26/19. Signed by Governor 3/5/19.

HB 1267: Prohibiting county commissioners from holding municipal office.
Status: Introduced 1/30/19; referred to House Local Government. Set for hearing 2/14/19. Deferred to 41st Legislative Day (10-3) 2/14/19.

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