2020 Senate Bill Introductions

SF 3074 (Limmer): Defines the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) by law enforcement agencies to gather data, create parameters on how that data can be used and timelines on how that data must be retained.
Status: Introduced 2/13/2020; referred to Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy.

SF 3103 (Hoffman): Requires the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to create a semiannual report on electric generation sources and their associated air pollution emissions. Utilities would be required to mail emission reports semiannually to consumers and publish on their websites. See companion bill HF 3054.
Status: Introduced 2/13/2020; referred to Energy and Utilities Finance and Policy.

SF 3143 (Dibble): This bill would establish a Minnesota Green New Deal by further supporting energy policy directed at mitigating climate change and greenhouse gasses among several sectors. The bill supports the Governors development of a climate change advisory council, would require Minnesota utilities to become 100 percent carbon free by 2030, and would prohibit the construction of any electric generation using a carbon-based fuel. Additionally, various state commissioners would be required to submit climate change impact reports to the legislature.
Status: Introduced 2/13/2020; referred to Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Legacy Finance.

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