2019 House Bill Introductions

HF 54 (Nornes):  Redefining a security breach (cyber security) for the purposes of security breach notification, to remove the requirement that the breach to have been committed with the intent to share the data.
Status:  Introduced 1/14/2019; referred to Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Division. See also Companion Bill SF 248. 

HF 162 (Green):  A bill to limit the amount a public agency may pay to acquire real property or an interest in real property to the actual assessed value.
Status:  Introduced 1/17/2019; referred to Government Operations.

HF 165 (Rarick):  A bill to require that the Integrated Resource Plans of IOUs include a pilot program on storage and allow IOUs to recover cost from ratepayers. Also requires an interim study of the cost-benefit analysis of energy storage.
Status:  Introduced 1/17/2019; referred to Ways and Means. Referred by Chair to Energy and Climate Finance and Policy Division.

HF 188 (Lucero):  A bill to allow the Public Utilities Commission to grant a certificate of need for a new nuclear power plant.
Status:  Introduced 1/17/2019; referred to Energy & Climate Finance & Policy Division. 

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