HF 2026: A bill for an act that would disclose certain communications to the public record that would otherwise be deemed confidential.
Status: Introduced: 1/11/2018: Referred to State Government.

HF 2027: A bill for an act permitting cities to increase the membership of city utility boards from three to five members.
Status: Introduce: 1/12/2018. Referred to Local Government. Subcommittee: McKean, Bloomingdale, and Lensing 1/17/2018.

HF 2028: A bill to clarify rules for safely approaching and passing emergency or maintenance vehicles and providing penalties for violations. 
Status: Introduced: 1/12/2018: Referred to Transportation. 

HF 2048: A bill for an act that would add to the definitions services that are excluded in a standard rental agreement for manufactured homes or mobile home parks.
Status: Introduced: 1/21/2018: Referred to Commerce.

HSB 511: A bill for an act to modify the procedure for budget approval by cities and counties if the budget request is greater than the current year’s budget.
Status: Introduced: 1/10/2018. Referred to Local Government. Subcommittee: Heartsill, Bloomingdale, and Gaskill.

HSB 526: A bill for an act to modify provisions intended clarify and define personal information, what constitutes a security breach and deadlines for notification of effected consumers.
Status: Introduced: 1/16/2018. Referred to Judiciary. Subcommittee Nunn, Koester, and R. Smith.

HSB 550: A bill for an act to modify the rules and access of public documents in the custody of the state archives.
Status: introduced: 1/18/2018. Referred State Government. Subcommittee Zumbach, Watts, and Lensing.

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