2017 House Bill Introductions

HF 42: An Act relating to the property tax exemption for the value added by certain geothermal heating or cooling systems and including applicability provisions.  Status: Introduced 1/18/2017; referred to Ways and Means. Subcommittee: Pettengill, Bloomingdale, McConkey 1/25/2017. Committee report recommending amendment and passage 2/28/2017.

HF 64: An Act relating to utility cost disclosures in connection with rental properties, providing penalties, and including applicability provisions.  Status: Introduced 1/23/2017; referred to Commerce.

HF 100: An Act regarding the nullification of regulations of the United States Environmental Protection Agency in this state and including effective date provisions. Status: Introduced 1/24/2017; referred to Natural Resources.  

HF 122: An Act creating a geothermal tax credit available against the corporate income tax and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions. Status: Introduced 1/26/2017; referred to Ways and Means. Assigned to Subcommittee: Vander Linden, McConkey, Windschitl 2/7/2017.

HF 123: An Act creating a geothermal tax credit available against the franchise tax and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions. Status: Introduced 1/26/2017; referred to Ways and Means. Assigned to Subcommittee: Vander Linden, McConkey, Windschitl 2/7/2017.

HF 176: An Act modifying membership, salary and other requirements applicable to the Iowa Utilities Board.  Status: Introduced 2/1/17; referred to State Government 2/1/2017.

HF 291: An Act relating to employment matters involving public employees including collective bargaining, educator employment matters, personnel records and settlement agreements, city civil service requirements, and health insurance matters, making penalties applicable and including effective date, applicable and transition provisions.  Status: Introduced as HSB 84; referred to Labor. Subcommittee passed 2/9/2017; renumbered HF 291. Passed full House (53-47). Substituted for SF 213. Passed full Senate (29-21). Sent to Governor 2/16/2017. Signed by Governor 2/20/2017

HF 310: Formerly HSB 13. An Act restricting the regulatory authority of the Iowa Utilities Board with regard to municipal utility disconnection of service requirements. See also Companion Bill SSB 1004. Status: Introduced as HSB 13 1/18/17; referred to Commerce. Subcommittee passed 1/24/17. Passed full Commerce committee passed 2/8/17 (22-0); renumbered HF 310. Introduced and placed on calendar 2/14/2017. Amendment H-1106 filed 2/15/2017.

HF 380:  An Act relating to the siting of small wireless facilities and authorization of joint financing of telecommunications facilities. See also Companion Bill SF 431. Status: Introduced 2/21/2017; referred to Commerce. Subcommittee: Mohr, Hall, Wills 2/22/2017. Committee report recommending passage 2/28/2017. 

HF 442: Formally HSB 24: An Act authorizing certain gas and electric utilities to submit certain federally required forms or reports to the Iowa Utilities Board in lieu of existing reporting requirements. See also Companion bill SF 331. Status: Introduced as HSB 24 1/23/2017; referred to Commerce: Landon Chair, Mohr, G., Ourth. Subcommittee meeting 1/25/2017. Subcommittee meeting passed (22-0) 2/13/2017. Introduced and placed on calendar 2/17/2017. Renumbered as HF 442.

HF 445: Formally HSB 76: An Act relating to public utilities and other infrastructure including the confidentially of certain information relating to such infrastructure, and the authority of utilities to make temporary rate changes, and the presiding officers at public information meetings held for electric transmission line franchise petitions. See also Companion Bill SF 417. Status: Introduced as HSB 76 2/1/2017; referred to Commerce: Landon chair, Hohr, G., Ourth. Subcommittee meeting 2/8/2016. Passed subcommittee. Introduced, placed on calendar 2/27/2017. Renumbered as HF 445.

HSB 10: An Act relating to the definition of utility maintenance vehicles.  Status: Introduced 1/17/2017; referred to Transportation: Taylor, R Chair, Hager, Smith, R. Subcommittee 2/2/2017. Voted - Transportation 2/7/2017. Committee amended and passed (19-0); referred to House Floor 2/7/2017.

HSB 47: An Act relating to the use of state and local public resources for certain lobbying activities and providing penalties. Status: Introduced: 1/26/2017. Referred to State Government. Subcommittee: Kaufmann Chair, Bergan, Winckler.

HSB 88: An Act relating to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and providing penalties.  Status: introduced and recorded 2/7/2017. Referred to Public Safety: Klein Chair, Wheeler, Wessel-kroeschell 2/7/2017. Subcommittee meeting 2/9/2017. Subcommittee recommends passage (20-1) 3/1/2017.

HSB 91:  An Act relating to the designation of certain county and city activities as essential purposes or general purposes for bonding purposes.  Status: Introduced 2/7/2017; referred to Local Government: Landon Chair, Carlson, Nielsen. Subcommittee meeting 2/23/2017.

HSB 141: An Act relating to Lobbying activities of certain state and local employees and their use of public resources and providing penalties.  Status: Introduced 2/21/2017; referred to State Government. Subcommittee: Sexton, Pettengill, Steckman.

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