Community Outreach


Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) has established a scholarship program to assist high school seniors residing in one of our municipal utilities' services areas and students who are applying or already enrolled at pre-selected technical colleges and majoring in a Powerline/Lineman Program.


Applicants to the Missouri River Energy Services Scholarship Program must meet all criteria in one of two areas:


*Full-time study is defined as full-time enrollment for the entire upcoming academic year.


2016 Scholarship Application

2016 Scholarship Guidelines 


Speakers for civic and governmental programs

MRES has put together a number of presentations that focuses on MRES and its member utilities, legislative priorities, power supply issues, or other energy-related hot topics. Email us if you'd like to schedule a speaker for your group.

Speakers for civic and governmental programs

MRES works with its member utilities to help give back to their communities by sponsoring a wide array of activities that help build goodwill and strengthen the relationships between the utilities and their communities.