The Legislature will convene on Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015.

Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) continuously monitors bills introduced in the Minnesota State Legislature that could affect MRES and our member utilities in Minnesota. Many legislators now offer their own electronic newsletters that constituents may subscribe to. Simply go to the State of Minnesota website and click on the legislator’s name and follow the directions to subscribe. For state Senators, click here.  For state Representatives, click here.  

NOTICE: The legislature's website does not necessarily contain the latest status of any given bill. If you need up-to-the-minute information about legislation, call 1-888-234-1112 for Senate information, and 1-800-657-3550 for House information; or contact Deb Birgen at MRES.




2015 House Bill Introductions

2015 Senate Bill Introductions




MRES cooperates with the effort of the State of Minnesota to develop community-based wind energy projects by communities within the state. This effort is known as Community-Based Energy Development or C-BED. To learn about MRES participation in C-BED, click here.