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Sen. Heitkamp co-sponsors letter to EPA
asking for additional 60-day comment period
on proposed power plant performance standards

Sen. Heidi HeitkampMissouri River Energy Services (MRES) recognizes Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) for circulating a bipartisan letter to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy requesting a 60-day extension of the comment period on the proposed existing source performance standards (ESPS) to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Fifty-three senators signed on to the letter including Sens. Grassley and Harkin from Iowa; Johnson and Thune from South Dakota; and Hoeven from North Dakota.

"This extension is critical to ensure that state regulatory agencies and other stakeholders have adequate time to fully analyze and comment on the proposal. It is also important to note that the challenge is not only one of commenting on the complexity and sweeping scope of the rule, but also providing an opportunity to digest now 600 plus supporting documents released by EPA in support of this proposal," said Sen. Heitkamp.

The letter also thanks the EPA for providing an initial 120-day comment period, but argues that given "the complexity and magnitude of the proposed rule," a longer comment period is necessary to review and analyze all of the technical support documents accompanying the proposal. It notes that the rule would "regulate or affect the generation, transmission, and use of electricity in every corner of the country." It argues that states and stakeholders need sufficient time to "analyze and assess the sweeping impacts that the proposal will have on our nation's energy system, including dispatch of generation and end-use energy efficiency." It also asserts that the rule will impose " a heavy burden on the states during the rulemaking process."

MRES sincerely thanks Sen. Heitkamp for her continued efforts with the EPA in an attempt to provide states and utilities the time to anaylze, digest, and comment on these proposed regulations on existing power plants.


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