The Iowa General Assembly convened Monday, Jan. 12, 2015.

Missouri River Energy Services continuously monitors bills introduced in the Iowa General Assembly that could affect electric utilities in the State of Iowa. In addition, you can find information about legislative committees, publications, who represents your utility interests, and more on the Iowa General Assembly website. 

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Iowa Legislative Guide


2015 House Bill Introductions

HF 18:  Regarding Fair Share Fees for collective bargaining.   
Status:  Introduced 1/15/15; referred to Labor. Subcommittee (Forristall, Sheets, Steckman) 1/20/15.

HF 38:  Requiring payment of local prevailing wage to workers on public improvement projects for public bodies; contains penalties.
Status:  Introduced 1/20/15; referred to Labor. Subcommittee—Jorgensen, Forristal & Hunter.

HF 57:  A bill to allow the establishment of county-owned natural gas distribution utility.
Status Introduced 1/21/15; referred to Commerce.

HF 89:  A bill allowing cities to borrow surplus moneys from city reserves. 
Status:  Introduced 1/26/15. Referred to Local Government

HF 114:   A bill pertaining to prohibitions of certain utilities disconnections.
Status Introduced 1/29/15. Referred to Commerce.


2015 Senate Bill Introductions

SF 1: A bill to require the State of Iowa to have a preference in Iowa-based companies in public bidding
Status: Introduced 1/12/15; referred to Economic Development. Subcommittee (Mathis, Danielson, and Guth) 1/14/15.

SF 37 A bill to allow a 28F entity to be established for the delivery and transmission of natural gas.   
Status:  Introduced 1/15/15; referred to Commerce. Subcommittee—Courtney, Schoenjahn & Sinclair 1/20/15.

SF 50:   Pertaining to municipal property taxes on wind generation in urban renewable areas.
Status Introduced 1/20/15; referred to Economic Growth. Subcommittee (Danielson, Bisignano, Chelgren) 1/26/15.

SF 82:    A bill to allow the Iowa Public Information Board and the office of ombudsman access to the minutes and recordings of closed sessions.
Status Introduced 1/27/15, referred to State Government. 

SF 121: Making state and public body personnel's employment records, settlement agreements, and disciplinary actions public records.
Status: Introduced 1/29/15; referred to State Government. 

SSB 1103:   Sales tax exemption for electric property of a unit that is not a public utility.
Status Introduced 1/28/15. Referred to Ways & Means.

SSB 1085:  Expanding the definition of public utility for purposes of rail crossings with transmission lines.
Status:  Introduced 1/26/15; referred to Commerce. Referred to Commerce.