Summer Legal Internship


Job Description: 

This position is an in-house counsel setting working with three attorneys and a paralegal. The MRES Legal Department’s philosophy is to provide their interns with meaningful, substantive legal work, with a group of attorneys who want to teach and support you. An example of the first project given to our last legal intern was to write the first draft for a Minnesota Title 5 air permit. This permit allows our organization to operate power plants in the state, which is vital to the organization. 

Because MRES owns a number of power plants, the organization deals with many environmental regulations. The legal team also investigates federal law, as well as state laws in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota. The MRES legal department is also involved with the practical application of state and federal law as it relates to the daily operations of power plants and distributions lines etc.; contract work; records management e-discovery; state regulatory work; utility commissions; state agencies that govern air quality, and policy work with regulators in state capitols. In addition to contract work, the MRES legal team may also work with employment law and real property law. 


To Apply:

Deadline: Friday, December 4, 2015 



MRES is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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